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RayBlast Games is an independent video games developer. The motto is to explore the capabilities of what a video game can do, and provide a fun twist to existing concepts and tropes.

Aaron Griffin

Aaron Griffin (known as RayRay26 online) is currently the only member of RayBlast Games. He strives to ring out any performance necessary to lower hardware requirements while leaving himself open to clean up his work. He makes all of his own assets whenever he finds the time, and if not, he tries to pick out some good sounds and instruments online. He is currently developing his own game engine powered by raylib, a simple video games library that powers the bare essentials, leaving a lot of capabilities to the RayBlast Engine. (The names are a coincidence, don't read into it too much.)

Relation to Chronicle Bench

Aaron is also affiliated with the formation of Chronicle Bench, a small indie team. The team has developed and published a game on Steam called Earth Overclocked, along with lots of other projects, mostly individually.

"I used to be just another video gamer. I didn't think about how games were made. Then my mom offered me a college camp class that featured Game Maker. I eventually found my way to a game called Stick Online, where I found a guy named 11clock. We became friends and helped each other out in our games. Though I used Game Maker for 7 years, I aimed to make C# my main programming language. Outside of programming, I like to draw a few characters as well as work on my graphics. I find myself making some really good rhythms in music. I like to make a bunch of concept games and play them with my family to see if they are good ideas. Outside of game development, I am also a very active user of YouTube."

Discord - RayRay26#6142

Click here for RayRay's YouTube channel

Twitter - @gamemakeraray